Group Class Schedule

All of Mandy’s group yoga classes are taught at Wellness in Motion, 611 University Drive, State College. Stay up to date by following their class schedule.

“My first experience with yoga was 9 months ago, and ever since going to class every week, my neck and shoulder pain has diminished and I have found I have more flexibility than ever before. I feel wonderful and sleep soundly on Tuesday nights after my class. I have some stress in life occasionally, and the yoga class has helped control my stress levels. During class, Mandy’s voice kind of “floats” around in taking you from one posture to the next. It’s very soothing.” – Sue, age 61

“I was very skeptical regarding taking yoga in the beginning, I felt it was silly, oh but how my mind has been changed since I have been going to Mandy’s yoga class in Milesburg. I had chronic low back pain, which seemed to make me older than my years. I have been going to her yoga class weekly and my back feels 100% better than it did! My flexibility and strength has increased 10 fold.” – Mary Wheeler, Howard PA

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