Private Classes

Whether you are new to yoga and want more guidance before joining a regular class, are a seasoned yogi looking to take your practice to a deeper level, or you want to design a therapeutic home practice to help you recover from an injury or chronic pain, private yoga classes offer the individualized attention you need to meet your goals.
Better yet…

  • You get to pick the day and time of your yoga class, so that it fits perfectly into your schedule.
  • You receive my full attention. You can ask any questions you’d like, receive more posture assists, and alignment tips.
  • Classes are tailored to meet your needs, goals, and abilities. There isn’t a concern of getting bored in class, or a fear of being challenged too much.

You can also choose to share this experience with a small group of family or friends. As these sessions are tailored to fit your needs, the possibilities are endless. Suggested examples include:

  • Partner yoga with your spouse
  • Parent/child yoga
  • Yoga “parties” with friends or loved ones

Private classes cost $60/hour (partial hours are prorated). Depending on your abilities and needs, it may be best to schedule more or less time. For example, if you schedule a class for yourself and a young child (under age 8), it is probably best to schedule only a half an hour at first. On the contrary, if you are an experienced yoga practitioner, you may want to schedule an hour and a half.