On Group Yoga Classes:

“My first experience with yoga was 9 months ago, and ever since going to class every week, my neck and shoulder pain has diminished and I have found I have more flexibility than ever before. I feel wonderful, and sleep soundly on Tuesday nights after my class. I have some stress in life occasionally, and the yoga class has helped control my stress levels. During class, Mandy’s voice kind of “floats” around in taking you from one posture to the next. It’s very soothing.”
– Sue, age 61

“I was very skeptical regarding taking yoga in the beginning, I felt it was silly, oh but how my mind has been changed since I have been going to Mandy’s Yoga Class in Milesburg. I had chronic low back pain, which seemed to make me older than my years. I have been going to her Yoga class weekly and my back feels 100% better than it did! I am so glad that I can now do things that I haven’t been able to do without pain. My flexibility and strength has increased 10 fold.”
– Mary Wheeler

“I decided to try yoga again after having tried it nearly 13 years ago. My first experience wasn’t the greatest, but thought I’d try again and see if it would be different. I’ve learned from Mandy that there are many styles of yoga and every teacher has his/her own style. I’ve always been plagued with back pain and wondered if the stretching could help. I also felt that I needed some time to “unwind” and “de-stress”. I started taking Mandy’s class in the fall of 2008 and within 4 weeks, I had already noticed a difference in the strength of my back. Where, before yoga, I struggled to vacuum one or two rooms before my back would ache, now, I vacuum the entire house at one time.”
– Amy Story

On Prenatal Yoga:

“Why bother with prenatal yoga? Why not! Pregnant for the second time, I needed relaxation, a release, a way to clear my mind and stretch my body, not just my stomach. Prenatal yoga was the answer. As my body changed, I learned how to adapt my poses to maintain better balance and keep nagging problems like sciatica and back pain at bay. Plus, I was less stressed, which is always a plus when dealing with a toddler. I knew I wanted a natural birth, and the relaxation techniques I learned in yoga helped more than anything I’d learned in birthing class.”
– Karen Ormsby Askey

On the Combination of Yoga and Yoga Therapy:

“I first came to Mandy for the Yoga Therapy, to help me through some difficult times. The process is a simple and gentle one that produced immediate positive results for me. Mandy’s sensitive approach and non-judgmental attitude had a powerful healing effect that stayed with me long after the sessions. She has an extraordinary intuitive ability to understand where you are, where you need to go, and how to take you there. I progressed so rapidly and was so pleased with the sessions that I decided to continue with private Yoga sessions.

I’ve had several other outstanding Yoga instructors, but I think Mandy’s the best. Because she’s as proficient as any of them, and some of them were Grand Masters, but she makes it the most fun I’ve ever had in Yoga. I’m a Yoga novice in some areas and an advanced intermediate in others, and she moves easily from one level to another. Her intuition is as active here as in therapy. She keeps that uncanny ability to understand just what you need, nudging you to stretch to the next level—pun intended—but never pushes you beyond what you can do. I can honestly say that my session with her is always a high point of my week.”
– Lloyd Short