Phoenix Rising FAQs

How many sessions do I need?

This is a good question often asked by new clients, and yet difficult to answer without knowing more of what you’d like to get out of including the body in your current therapy program. With that in mind, here’s some guidelines on what I’ve witnessed from my clients over the years:

1) Short-term benefits such as pain / anxiety release, stress management, relaxation, etc, can occur quickly – even in the first session or two. This happens when the focus shifts from working with thoughts ABOUT what’s happening to FEELING what’s directly HAPPENING in your body – and these few sessions may be all that you need.
2) Long-term benefits such as significant changes in handling life situations and relationships will, of course take longer and be dependent on what you want to get out of the work.

That said, when you commit to a regular (weekly) schedule during a difficult time, you’ll notice that the tools you learn in session starts to create significant changes in your life in about 8 – 12 weeks. (It takes a little while for the brain to adapt to internal change.) After that, you might come in every month or 2 as a check-in or more often when something “big” is happening in your life.

Ultimately, it is your body, your life, and your choice. In my work I cultivate a core value which you will notice right away – that you have more knowledge about your Self and what makes you tick then anyone outside of you. This makes you responsible for your own unique experience in your healing process. It is up to me, as the practitioner, to support you in listening to what you know. Therefore, I leave it up to you to determine how many sessions you do, how often you come, and the direction that we go each time.