On Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy:

“I was privileged to work with Mandy as my Phoenix Rising practitioner in a workshop setting, which is perhaps a more challenging environment for healing than a private session. I was amazed at the depth of work we were able to accomplish, and the deep currents of emotion I was able to access under Mandy’s watchful care. Phoenix Rising is a powerful therapeutic modality, and Mandy is a highly skilled and sensitive practitioner with a true gift for helping. I will look forward to working with Mandy again in the future.”
– Allison B. Friedman, LCSW,ACSW, Psychotherapist and Writer

“I’ve always struggled with balance. While focusing on my emotional self, my physical self seemed to get pushed out of focus. The same thing happened when I brought my focus to my mental or intellectual self, inevitability, I neglected another part of me. For me, the greatest benefit of taking PRYT with Mandy was the encouraging reinforcement that to truly feel balance, I needed to nurture each part of me equally. Like any skill, with practice (and by setting intentions), I learned to bring my focus to my whole self. A true accomplishment! Mandy is encouraging, strong, gentle, and knowledgeable, and has an incredible gift to offer!”
– B.N.

“Receiving Phoenix Rising sessions from Mandy has enabled me to make a deep mind-body connection that is difficult to attain on my own. When that has happened, I’ve been left with a calm, peaceful feeling and the ability to take an honest look at my life. I’ve left each session with a sense of direction and purpose—and hope.”

“Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy has become an important part of my self-care practice. Monthly sessions with Mandy Sergent have been a transformational experience, helping me to awareness and release of unconscious beliefs and emotions in a safe environment. I find the physical aspect of PRYT (assisted postures) effective and enjoyable, and the experience feels like a “psychic housecleaning”. Mandy is a talented healer who always intuitively know what I need. I am grateful to have her in my life!”
– Annie

On the Combination of Yoga and Yoga Therapy:

“I first came to Mandy for the Yoga Therapy, to help me through some difficult times. The process is a simple and gentle one that produced immediate positive results for me. Mandy’s sensitive approach and non-judgmental attitude had a powerful healing effect that stayed with me long after the sessions. She has an extraordinary intuitive ability to understand where you are, where you need to go, and how to take you there. I progressed so rapidly and was so pleased with the sessions that I decided to continue with private Yoga sessions.

I’ve had several other outstanding Yoga instructors, but I think Mandy’s the best. Because she’s as proficient as any of them, and some of them were Grand Masters, but she makes it the most fun I’ve ever had in Yoga. I’m a Yoga novice in some areas and an advanced intermediate in others, and she moves easily from one level to another. Her intuition is as active here as in therapy. She keeps that uncanny ability to understand just what you need, nudging you to stretch to the next level—pun intended—but never pushes you beyond what you can do. I can honestly say that my session with her is always a high point of my week.”
– Lloyd Short